From design to construction, maintenance and testing, we respond to needs using trusted technologies.

Our manufacturing business includes Shinwa Gas, which has a proud tradition and long-earned trust as a pioneer in gas safety equipment. It also includes our bicycle parking equipment business, launched in 2007, which is involved in manufacturing, construction, inspection, and maintenance of cycle racks and roofs. And our seismic isolation fireproof coverings business deals in the construction of coverings that ensure fire safety in seismic isolation systems.
Each of these businesses works with a foundation of established technological capabilities to provide seamless support.

Bicycle parking equipment

This is our new business launched in 2007. We offer comprehensive support from manufacturing to construction of cycle racks, roofs, and antitheft bars that combine function and durability. SAS・SANWA's aluminum cycle racks are uniform in thickness and strength thanks to our unique extrusion process. The smooth motion of our sliding racks and the light and easy access provided by our dual-level racks offer usability and comfort that reflect the needs of all types of users.
Plus, their beautiful stainless steel color blends in well with the surrounding area. They generate little noise during storage, making them ideal for indoor installations. We can offer plans for just the right layout even within limited spaces.

Gas safety equipment

We primarily handle flashback arrestors for flammable gases, including dry and wet types. We also have wide-ranging manufacturing knowledge in the fields of pressure-resistant explosion-proof device testing equipment, fine particle and dust explosion-proof testing equipment, and water spray testing equipment.