Manufacturer to meet wide-ranging business needs with useful ideas.


We provide services with our trading company, which handles mainly welding and thermal insulation materials, and the reliable technological strength of our manufacturing business in bicycle parking equipment and safety equipment.
By leveraging this unique business structure, we offer ideas for new values geared toward future generations.

As a trading company founded in 1931,and as a manufacturer with a proud tradition of safety,we are a team of professionals that answers customer needs with precise ideas.

SAS・SANWA has two distinct entities: Our Trading Company, with a diverse network of partners and years of expertise gained through our long history, and our Manufacturing Business, with excellent production capabilities based on advanced technologies. This allows us to wield a combined capability that is unmatched by any other company.

From product planning to development and design, materials procurement and production control, our team of professionals is well-versed in all aspects of a product's life cycle and offers strong support for customer-oriented manufacturing with precise ideas and reliable materials procurement.

What SAS・SANWA Can Provide

  • Planning capabilities to precisely meet customer needs and solve business problems
  • Stable materials procurement, supplying eco-friendly materials
  • Lower environmental burden, reduced carbon emissions
  • Thorough quality control, eliminating all kinds of waste
  • Shorter lead times, just-in-time delivery