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Message from the President

Message from the President: We strive to be a company that creates excitement and shares that excitement with everyone.

With invigorating passion, compelling vision, and huge dreams in our hearts for the future, we have been reborn and will continue to move forward.

「Challenge 100」

In July 2011 we celebrated 80 years of business. We could not have arrived at this day without the tremendous support of our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. For this we offer our sincere gratitude.

From 2007 we attempted to carry out our business with the company slogan "Vision80." Unfortunately, certain factors inside and outside the company did not allow us to achieve our goals. However, it must be noted that the motivation of our whole team of employees never faltered even amidst the rough times. Furthermore, there was also a positive aspect in that all of our employees grew into personnel capable of overcoming adverse circumstances during these difficult times.

With our sights set on expansive and continuous growth, we have made "Challenge100" our new company slogan for the period until 2016. Each of us will accelerate our ambitious efforts to reach the next stage as we approach our 100th anniversary.

"Challenge100" is comprised of 5 Ts:

Top Staying conscious of reaching the top, with bold and innovative ideas.
Tone-up Revitalizing the business to improve profitability of existing businesses and continuously striving to launch new businesses and new products.
Team Work Raising the personal skills within the organization and wielding tremendous strength through mutual cooperation based on a common point of view and common direction.
Tough Always acting with firm conviction.
Try Putting 100% effort toward building new markets, new products, and new business models, without fear of failure.
We will also actively pursue the CSR activities that form the premise of our operating foundation.

With these 5 Ts in mind, we will develop a management style that allows us to break through the rough times, which will surely become increasingly severe, as a company.

As part of "Challenge100" we will actively conduct CSR initiatives, and through our achievement of "Challenge100" we will contribute to the development of society and strive to be a company that plays a vital role in society.

President and CEO
Tetsuzo Hirose